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Increase Casino Traffic by Advertising on the Internet


Those who operate an online casino are aware of the difficulty linked to attracting online gamblers to their web site. The competitive nature of the online gambling industry has made it difficult to utilize traditional methods of internet marketing to increase casino traffic. Using a unique cost effective technology, our casino marketing specialists can effectively brand your name and expose your web site to thousands of online gamblers.

Promote Your Online Casino with Targeted Traffic

We have developed a network of web sites that cater to the online gaming market. These search engines, internet directories and high-traffic gambling related sites are heavily visited by users who are interested in online casinos. We use proprietary technology to display your web site in a full page pop under that is displayed in front of the eyes of highly targeted casino visitors.

Unlike banner advertising, our pop unders are fully interactive. Your web site is served up in a full size window enabling all visitors to navigate your site and select from your casino game options.

Our guaranteed traffic is an extremely cost-effective method of getting interested gamblers to your web site. At a minimum, we deliver at least 2,000 visitors to your website for each $10 you spend on casino marketing. With larger traffic advertising campaigns, the cost per visitor is even more affordable. With our campaign prices, customers can recoup their advertising costs with simply one visitor sign up.

How Our Casino Traffic Program Works

Based on the amount of exposure you want to receive, select the appropriate quantity of visitors you would like to route to your web site. Then, complete the order form. Once your order is received, our team of internet casino marketing specialists will set up your full page pop under campaign that will draw visitors to your site.

Your ad will then appear on gambling related sites within a few days. You will be able to monitor your campaign's progress using an online control panel to see exactly how many visitors your web site receives at any given time of the day.

Our program only counts the "unique visitors" that reach your site during any given 24 hour period. This prevents you from being charged for multiple ad views by the same person. To learn more about how our pop under ads work, and for details on our money back guarantee, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Benefits of Using Internet Advertising to Market Your Casino

  • Targeted Exposure - Your ad is seen by people who are interested in online gambling and casino websites.
  • 100% Unique Visitors - During any 24 hour period, we count only unique visitors to your web site.
  • High Impact Ads -  Because your advertisement is the only ad displayed in a 800 x 600 window, it stands out compared to small banner advertisements.
  • Detailed Statistics - You can monitor the campaign traffic we generate in real time through a administrative control panel that is included in every order. 
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee - Each order comes with a money back guarantee. If you do not receive all the traffic that you have purchased, you may request a complete refund.

Order Casino Traffic
# of Visitors Price  
10,000 $48.99
30,000 $99.99 special
50,000 $148.99 special
100,000 $299.99 special
300,000 $679.99
600,000 $1129.99
1,000,000 $1999.99


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