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Have you ever wanted to target specific categories of sales prospects for a web advertising campaign? For example, as a travel agent, you want to market a round trip vacation from Canada to France for sports enthusiasts interested in the Tour de France bicycle race. It takes too long to get your offer indexed and ranking in the search engines. Using a banner campaign wastes impressions on thousands of people who aren't interested. Guaranteed Traffic marketing program is exactly what you would need. Using a combination of country-specific targeting and interest categories, you can display your ad to Canadians who are interested in sports or recreation. The result is capturing an audience with the exact demographics you want, that are prone to buying the product you are offering.

How Does Guaranteed Traffic Bring Targeted Web Visitors to your Site?

Guaranteed Traffic campaigns display your website in a large 800 x 600 pop under web browser window to visitors in an extensive network of search engines, high traffic websites, and web directories. We use proprietary technology to determine the location of each visitor, and combine that with categorizing the type of site visited, or search query used. When the visitor's location and category matches your specifications, your ad displays.

This highly effective method of Internet advertising delivers a targeted audience to establish your brand, generate new leads, create customers, and increase sales. Our program guarantees you will receive the number of visitors that you order or your money back. Additionally, we only count unique visitors from a single IP address once every 24 hours. Full tracking and monitoring capabilities are included with your campaign. If you wish to find out more regarding our pop-under advertisements and a few more details on how our program works visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Choose Your Targeted Countries and Audience, and Watch The Increase in Web Visitors

Our Combined Targeted Traffic lets you select the audience you want by simultaneously choosing a category of interest and along with the visitor's country. The combination of these two specific filters provide for highly targeted advertising exposure.

First, select one of these interest categories: Entertainment, Computers, Games, Health, Recreation, Hobbies, Travel, Sports, Gambling, Shopping, Beauty, Finance, Free Stuff, Diet, Debt Consolidation, Credit Cards, Family, Webmasters, MLM, Business.

Second, pick from over 200 countries from where you wish to receive web traffic from. Countries include the United States, Canada, Australia, England, Spain, Japan, Mexico, Denmark, and others listed in our targeted country traffic list.

Our targeted traffic program is one of the most economical ways of increasing your website traffic. For each $10 you invest in this marketing program, you are guaranteed to receive at least 1,250 visitors. For larger orders, your cost per visitor drops to less than a fraction of a penny.

Benefits of Using Combined Traffic to Market Your Web Site

This traffic is Targeted Full Page (800 x 600) Pop-Under ads. They are unique visitors (24 Hour IP Uniques) which means that within a 24 hour period we do not count the same visitor twice. For example, if you order 10,000 visitors you will always get more then the 10,000 ordered as we do not count the people who visit your web site multiple times.

  • All Unique Visitors Each 24 Hours - If the same person visits your site more than once, only the first visit counts towards the traffic we provide.
  • Precise Targeting - The traffic your campaign brings in is highly likely to be interested in your product or service.
  • Full-Size Advertisement - Banner ads do not have the power of our 800 x 600 pop under web pages.
  • Experienced Staff to Help with Your Order - Never advertised on the Internet before? We walk you through the entire process. Just call if you have any questions.
  • Statistical Reporting - You have twenty four hour access to full real-time statistics showing the progress of your campaign.
  • Money Back Guarantee - All purchases include a 100% money back guarantee. If you do not receive all the traffic that you have purchased, you may request a complete refund.
Buy Combined Targeted Traffic
# of Visitors Price  
10,000 $79.99    
30,000 $119.99 special    
50,000 $199.99    
100,000 $299.99 special    
300,000 $779.99    
600,000 $1649.99    
1,000,000 $2999.99    


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