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Guaranteed Traffic Overview

The Internet lets companies reach a worldwide audience in a way that was not previously possible. How can you take advantage of this new market for your product or service? The website promotion and marketing specialists at have the answer. Using proprietary technology, you can target your message to visitors from specific countries, and get thousands of new visitors to your web site.

The Guaranteed Traffic Advertising program displays your ad in a full screen, 800 x 600 pixel pop under window. When visitors in the country that you specify visit one of the web sites in our partner network, a large pop under is served displaying your web site. This provides users with an opportunity to browse through your site and take action on your offer.

We are so confident that the Guaranteed Traffic program will bring visitors to your site, that we offer a 100% refund if you fail to receive the number of visits ordered. To ensure maximum quality, we only count visitors from any IP address once per day. That means each day you are receiving hundreds to thousands of unique visitors. You can even monitor the status of your campaign with our real time tracking statistics which are provided to you with your order.

Require more information? Details on how our program works along with our money back guarantee are listed in our Frequently Asked Questions section of our site.

Advertise Your Web Site to Visitors From These Countries uses our proprietary technology to identify the locations of web surfers when they visit any of our affiliated search engines, directories, or high traffic websites. Your ad or web site is displayed when a visitor from one of the countries you select is identified.

You can choose from a comprehensive list of over 200 countries, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, Australia, Japan, Germany, Singapore, Denmark, and many more. To view the complete targeted country traffic list, click here.

Benefits of Using Country Targeted Traffic to Increase Web Visitors

  • 100% Unique Visitors - All the traffic sent to your site is unique every 24 hours. This means we do not charge you when people make multiple site visits.
  • Customize Your Message Delivery to International Audiences - This program is appropriate when you need to consider the needs and customs of different cultures and countries.
  • Full-Size Page Advertisement - You have plenty of room to display your message or web site to brand your product or service and to encourage site browsing.
  • Detailed Statistical Reporting - Provides individual statistical account reporting. All campaign details are measured in real time with user friendly graphs.
  • Money Back Guarantee - All purchases comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you do not receive all the traffic that you have purchased, you may request a complete refund.

Order Country Targeted Traffic
# of Visitors Price  
10,000 $69.99
30,000 $109.99 special
50,000 $189.99
100,000 $299.99 special
300,000 $769.99
600,000 $1599.99
1,000,000 $2999.99


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