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Top 10 Surefire Methods To Increase Website Traffic!

What good is a well designed website if no one knows it exists? Targeted traffic is the lifeline of any commercial website. Without it, your website will not get the exposure it needs to be a success. Fortunately, there are a number of effective techniques you can utilize to help increase website traffic. The good news is that many of these techniques are affordable or carry next to no cost to implement.

Here are the top 10 tried and tested methods to effectively increase website traffic:

1. Submit Your Site to the Search Engines: The first important step towards increasing your website traffic is to submit your site to the search engines. Do not sit back and wait for the search engine spiders to crawl your site. Submit your URL manually. A well optimized web site with unique content that is indexed by the search engines will notice large increases in website traffic.

2. Exchanging Links: The search engines favor websites that have a large number of quality inbound links. The higher the number of on-topic web pages that link to your site, the higher your rankings will be. So, how do you acquire quality links? Search for free link exchange directories and programs. Research and locate sites that offer similar or complementary products or services and request a link to your site in exchange for one from yours. Using free blogs can also be a great way to increase website traffic. When you post on a blog site, be certain to include a link to your web page URL using anchor text. Blogs are a popular means to increase your site’s exposure for free! Also utilizing free classified ads that permit the use of links back to your URL are also great ways to increase website traffic.

3. Add a "Tell a Friend" Script to your Site: This script makes is easy for customers to recommend and pass on your website link to others. You will be surprised at how well this method works. Anyone who finds your content interesting passes it along to a friend. This is a direct way to help increase website traffic and build your customer base at no cost!

. Write Articles and Syndicate Them: A powerful free way to boost web site traffic is to publish articles in Article Directories and online Ezines. Write a few on-topic articles with links back to your web site and submit them to various article directories. This simple process will provide you with an additional source of targeted traffic.

. Add a Newsletter Subscription Box to Your Site: A newsletter subscription box on your web site helps build your opt-in list and keeps your prospects and clients informed about your business. Entice your prospects to subscribe to your newsletter by offering them a free e-book or other products or services. Use an autoresponder software program to follow up with your newsletter subscribers. This is an excellent way to increase website traffic, keep in touch with your customer base and simultaneously build your opt-in email list.

6. Email Marketing: Email advertising can direct mass amounts of additional traffic almost instantly. This can be accomplished through contacting your current customer base or emailing a 3rd party list of opt-in subscribers Email marketing companies online offer extensive data bases of targeted email lists that are interested in your products or services.

7. Pop-Under Campaigns: Pop-Unders are ads that automatically spawn open underneath browser windows. These pop-unders are delivered when an internet surfer navigates to a web site and clicks on a link within that site. This “click” causes a secondary window to open displaying a relevant ad. Companies that offer pop-under campaigns and can route thousands of unique visitors from specific demographics to your web site.

. Participate in Forums and Discussion Groups: Joining forums, discussion groups, or bulletin boards all have a positive affect on your web site’s exposure. Submitting relevant posts with references to your web site can provide you with a free source of traffic from people interested in your product or service.

9. Banner Advertising:
Banners are graphical ads that are placed on web pages for the purposes of directing targeted traffic to a website. Banner ads are featured across networks of publisher websites. Internet advertising companies can place your banner ad campaigns across specific high traffic websites that attract visitors interested in what you offer.

10. Use a Good Signature:
Your signature is a reference to your business that you include at the bottom of your email. Any time you send an email or post something in a forum, you should always include your signature. It should consist of your business name, your URL, email address and phone number. Your signature stamp should be no more than two to four lines. Use it everywhere you post your name including forum posts, blogs, and emails.


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