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We have spoken to adult webmasters for years regarding directing targeted traffic to adult content websites. All of them have expressed how challenging it is. The customers are out there, but marketing to them effectively is another story. Traditional methods of web site marketing, including search engine placement and pay per click advertising are not effective in this highly competitive marketplace. adult web site promotion specialists have the experience and resources to increase visitor traffic interested in your adult website offers. Our cost effective Internet Advertising program gets your web site in front of the eyes of prospects interested in adult related material while effectively branding your name. Just sit back and enjoy your ROI while we unleash the power of guaranteed traffic directed to your web site!

Promote Your Adult Web Site With Targeted Traffic has developed a network of partner websites catering to the adult market, including high traffic adult search engines, adult web directories, and adult web site hubs. Our Adult Targeted Traffic campaigns expose your site to these targeted prospects using full page, 800 x 600 pixel pop-under advertisements. Our exclusive technology increases traffic by delivering thousands to millions of highly targeted adult visitors directly to your web site.

Our adult advertising packages are a cost effective alternative to traditional advertising and marketing campaigns. For example, we will deliver at least 2,500 visitors to your site for each $10 you spend. With larger internet advertising campaigns, the cost per thousand visitors is even more affordable. Our traffic campaigns are the most cost effective way to increase traffic to your adult website.

How does Adult Advertising work?

Once you place your order with us, we begin setting up your full page pop under campaign that will immediately route adult visitors to your site. Each ad campaign comes with exclusive tracking technology that only counts unique visitors. In other words, the same visitor is never counted twice during any twenty four hour period. We also provide a tracking web page where you can view real-time visitor statistics that reach your site. For more information on how our Adult Traffic program works, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Benefits of Using our Internet Advertising to Boost Adult Web Traffic

  • 100% Unique Visitors - Each visitor in any 24 hour period is only counted once. 
  • Full Page Advertisement - Instead of a small banner advertisement (where you share space on a page), your ad will display by itself in a full-size (800 x 600) window. 
  • Real-Time Statistical Reporting - Each client has access to real time campaign reports with user friendly graphs. 
  • Help Every Step of the Way - Our knowledgeable team has years of experience in adult Internet marketing and advertising.
  • Money Back Guarantee - If you do not receive all the traffic that you have purchased, feel free to request a complete refund.
Order Adult Traffic
# of Visitors Price  
10,000 $79.99
30,000 $119.99 special
50,000 $187.99 special
100,000 $299.99 special
300,000 $499.99
600,000 $799.99
1,000,000 $1299.99

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