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Use Keyword Traffic to Promote Your Website


Are you having difficulty drawing targeted traffic to your website? can expose your web site to millions of precisely targeted internet users while effectively branding your product or service. If you've tried and failed to rank highly with the search engines, and are paying too much for pay per click advertising, our targeted keyword advertising can provide the increased online traffic you need to quickly enhance your business productivity.

Guaranteed Traffic Provides Cost-Effective Internet Advertising

Our Guaranteed Traffic program shows your company's web site to likely sales prospects as they surf the web. Based on the keywords you specify, your advertisement is displayed in a full-size pop under window when people visit our partner search engines and websites. Our Guaranteed Traffic program guarantees to deliver the number of unique visitors to your website that you order, or you get your money back in full. Learn more about pop-unders and our guaranteed traffic program in the Frequently Asked Questions section of our website.

Build Targeted Traffic with Keyword Advertising

Keyword specific traffic is the most precise, targeted method we offer to drive traffic to your web site. In setting up your campaign, you may choose up to 100 different keyword phrases that people would use to find your company, product, or service. When prospects search for any of these terms through any one of our partner search engines, your full page popunder advertisement will automatically be displayed.

For example, if you are a mortgage broker or sell digital cameras and you want to build traffic from users interested in these types of items, you would come up with an appropriate keyword list based on your products or services. This list should be comprised of keyword phrases that individuals would type into a search engine when searching for these items. For example, you may want to target people who are searching for the keyword phrase "loan rates" or "4 megapixel cameras". Once your campaign is loaded and running, if someone types one of your phrases into one of our partner search engines, your advertisement or web page will be displayed as a pop-under underneath the active search results. This form of keyword advertising gives you highly targeted exposure that leads to an increase in sales and conversions.

Benefits of Keyword Targeted Advertising

Keyword Targeted Advertising is the most effective form of internet advertising because you are reaching an audience that is specifically searching for what you are offering.

  • Guaranteed Unique Visitors - To make sure you get all the traffic you pay for, we only count one visit per IP address in each 24 hour period.
  • Visitors Interested in Your Product - Your ad is shown to people who are searching specifically for what you have to offer.
  • Full-Size Page Advertisement - Your ad or web site is loaded into a full 800 x 600 web page.
  • Detailed Statistical Reporting - Each client has access to statistical account reporting measured in real time with friendly graphs.
  • Money Back Guarantee - Each campaign includes a 100% money back guarantee. If you do not receive all the traffic that you have purchased, we will provide a complete refund.
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# of Visitors Price  
10,000 $89.99 special    
30,000 $159.99    
50,000 $199.99 special    
100,000 $329.99    
300,000 $749.99    
600,000 $1499.99    
1,000,000 $2599.99    


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