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Opt-In Email Marketing has become a true alternative to traditional direct marketing campaigns. Sometimes called permission-based email, it involves sending your message to individuals who previously expressed an interest in hearing about offers of products or services in your category. Compared to traditional direct marketing, opt-in email is faster, more targeted, and offers results that can easily be tracked. can take you through every step of the process, from helping you develop effective creative, to sending your email, to tracking results and refining your campaign. To learn more, keep reading, or browse our Frequently Asked Questions.

Benefits of Using Opt-In Email to Market Your Website

Permission based email has been used by professional internet marketers for years. They recognize the many benefits of using email as part of their Internet marketing strategy. By using the latest technology, is bringing opt-in email to companies that previously did not have the resources to produce and execute campaigns in the past.

One of the biggest benefits of using opt-in email as a marketing tool is its speed and immediacy. Not only can your message be sent out to targeted prospects within a few days, the response is almost instantaneous, with 80 percent of recipients acting on your message within 48 hours. Opt-in email can also be tracked, so you know exactly the number of people your message was sent to, the number of people that read the message, and the number of people clicking through to your website.

The flexibility of HTML allows for a wide variety of creative possibilities in your messaging. You can combine text, graphics, video, Flash, and more to create a compelling message. When someone reads your message, you have their complete attention, unlike banner or pay per click advertising, where you have competing editorial content. You also have the benefit of providing multiple links to different areas of your website - something far more flexible than with banner or popup advertising.

With opt-in email, your message goes to a highly targeted audience that is eager to see your message. When placing your order, you can select from a wide variety of categories of recipients. For example, if you are marketing a book or publication, you can send your message to individuals interested in books and reading. Because the audience is so targeted, a typical campaign can have between 10 and 15 percent of recipients clicking through to your website to learn more about your offer.

Finally, Opt-in email is much less expensive than traditional direct mail. Just think of the money saved on paper, postage, and printing. Plus, you can experiment with your message and landing pages in a small mailing to fine-tune your message before sending it out to a wider group of people.

Send Your Email Message to Recipients in the Listed Categories

Your opt-in email campaign can be directed to individuals who have expressed an interest in receiving emails about the following subjects:

Affiliate Programs
Business Opportunities
Clothing Catalogs
College Students
Credit Cards
Debt Consolidation
Early Adopters

Free Stuff
Health & Fitness
Home Mortgages
Home Owners
Internet Shoppers

Office Supplies
Sales Management
Small Business
Tax Preparation

How to Get Started:

  1. Create a concise subject line that is between 4 and 5 words long. A subject line should always capture the attention of your audience. By using a catchy "benefit statement", a larger share of the recipients will open your message.

  2. Develop your body copy. Remember that with HTML email, you can include graphics and different font sizes to liven up your message. Remember to include a call to action that will prompt the recipient to click through to your web site.

  3. Email the email ad creative you wish to have delivered to

  4. Once we receive your order and creative,we will prepare your email lists. It takes approximately 2 - 3 business days before your opt-in email campaign begins.

  5. Once your campaign begins, statistics are logged on our servers which include: Beginning and ending times of your campaign, the quantity of emails delivered, the number of opens or how many prospects have read your email, number of click throughs to your site and the number of people who have unsubscribed from your campaign. All email marketing campaign statistics are emailed to you once your mailing is complete. We guarantee at least a 10% open rate or your money back.
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